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Wallace & Gromit In Concert

Weiwuying's highly anticipated year-end Animation in Concert series never fails to excite kids and parents alike. The musical event not only brings joy to children, but also resonates with those who are still young at heart. The 2021 edition of the concert will present yet another audiovisual feast that melds classical and modern artistic styles.

Two of the most popular stop-motion clay animation series in the UK—Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, whose lively rhythms are sure to keep all your troubles at bay.

The animation concerts introduced by Weiwuying this time have been performed at various locations in the UK, receiving rave reviews from across the country. As in previous years, Kaohsiung's outstanding local Counterpoint Ensemble has been invited, once again, to perform live music. Join us at Weiwuying's vineyard-style Concert Hall to experience the magical musical worlds of Wallace & Gromit.




2021/12/25(Sat) 10:20-10:40 Concert Hall 3rd Floor

2021/12/25(Sat) 14:20-14:40 Concert Hall 3rd Floor

2021/12/26(Sun)14:20-14:40 Concert Hall 3rd Floor


Creative and Production Team  

Conductor|CHANG Yin-fang
Ensemble|Counterpoint Ensemble

Wallace & Gromit
Animation Production|Aardman Animations
Licensor|Carrot Productions Limited

2021/12/25 (Sat)  1 1:00
2021/12/25 (Sat)  15:00
2021/12/26 (Sun) 15:00

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