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  • What is licensing?

Licensing is the contractual right to use protected materials (copyrights and trademarks) owned or controlled by a third party (licensor), in return for consideration (financial), most often expressed in the form of royalties/MG (payments ) made by the user of such protected materials (licensee).


  • What is the purpose of licensing?

The purpose of licensing is to provide the manufacture with a property that can supply built in consumer appeal, elements that reduces product development costs.



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  • What is a deal memo?

The deal memo is a short form agreement between the parties that outlines the key business points of a licensing agreement.  When signed by both parties it can act as a binding agreement.



  • What is a licensing agreement?

The licensing agreement is the key instrument in framing a licensing agreement between the licensor and the licensee.  This contract known as the licensing agreement outlines all the terms, conditions, and obligations between the parties.  In the case of any disagreements between the parties, the licensing agreement is the document that is relied on to resolve matters between the parties.

  • Royalty rate:

The licensing process is based on negotiating an agreement between the licensor and licensee.  There are no published rates that sets terms and conditions.  Therefore, it is up to both parties to achieve a fair deal.



  • BA Process:

It normally takes 5-10 working days

  • Concept

  • Pre-production

  • Final sample

  • Reason to buy a license

    • Increase sales

    • Create better profit margin vs generic brands

    • Saving self developed cost

    • Expand customer target group

    • Sell other products in the line

    • Build exposure and awareness for manufacture’s brand name and products



  • Judging a license

    • Is the property unique or fresh

    • Will the visual of the property help to capture the attention of the consumer

    • What is the media value supporting the property

    • What is the exposure value for the property?

    • Will it help you achieve sell through

    • What other licensees have committed

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